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1 parent 4ea9740 commit f98f5fcb8836d4ed4c8ffd85c715b3df85e8d78b @pickuse pickuse committed Jan 26, 2013
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@@ -157,11 +157,10 @@
<div id="stime">
<div id="ltime">
<div id="ltimeWrap">
-Calculated in <b><?php
-echo round(($generator->pageLoadTimeEnd()-$__start)*1000);
+<?php echo CALCULATED_IN;?> <b><?php
+echo round(($generator->pageLoadTimeEnd()-$start)*1000);
?></b> ms
-<br />Server time: <span id="tp1" class="b"><?php echo date('H:i:s'); ?></span>
+<br /><?php echo SEVER_TIME;?> <span id="tp1" class="b"><?php echo date('H:i:s'); ?></span>

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