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Admin Update addUsers.php
Data folder error
Database hero update
Game folder error
Lang hero update
Notes folder error
Prevention folder error
Account.php update
Alliance.php fix forum surveys
Automation.php Update Automation.php
BBCode.php Update BBCode.php
Battle.php Update Battle.php
Building.php Update Building.php
Chat.php update
Database.php Update Database.php
Form.php finish hero_full.php
Generator.php finish hero_full.php
Logging.php finish hero_full.php
Mailer.php finish hero_full.php
Market.php finish hero_full.php
Message.php Show correct beginners protection in welcome message
Multisort.php finish hero_full.php
Profile.php vacation mode but i will disable it just implemented but will be disa…
Protection.php finish hero_full.php
Ranking.php fix alliance rank Attacker and defender Armando
Session.php Update Session.php
Technology.php Update Technology.php
Units.php hero update
Village.php Update Village.php
favicon.ico finish hero_full.php
functions.php finish hero_full.php
index.php folder error
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