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/** @struct oyFilterPlug_s
* @ingroup objects_conversion
* @extends oyStruct_s
* @brief A filter connection structure
* The active input version of a oyConnector_s.
* Each plug can connect to exact one socket.
digraph G {
node[ shape=plaintext, fontname=Helvetica, fontsize=10 ];
edge[ fontname=Helvetica, fontsize=10 ];
a [URL="structoyFilterSocket__s.html", label=<
<table border="0" cellborder="1" cellspacing="4">
<tr> <td>Filter A</td>
<td bgcolor="red" width="10" port="s"> socket </td>
b [label=<
<table border="0" cellborder="1" cellspacing="4">
<tr><td bgcolor="lightblue" width="10" port="p"> plug </td>
<td>Filter B</td>
subgraph { rank=min a }
b:p->a:s [arrowtail=crow, arrowhead=box];
* @version Oyranos: 0.1.8
* @since 2008/07/29 (Oyranos: 0.1.8)
* @date 2008/07/29
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