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A live histogram plugin for vlc
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A live histogram plugin for vlc.

This software should be stable enough for general public usage.
Although I still consider this as beta quality, mostly because
some lack of features (see TODO).

$ vlc --video-filter histogram <your_video_file>

The following keys are functional:

[Delete]   : Hide histogram
[Home]     : Show histogram (default on)
[Page Up]  : Set logarithmic scale
[Page Down]: Set linear scale (default on)
[Enter]    : Toggle RGB/Luminance mode (default RGB)
/          : Toggle R,G,B equalization on/off (default off)

Also, if your cpu is too slow you could try to lower the frame
rate of the histogram creation and see if it helps.
Pressing keys [1] through [9], skips the updating of the
histogram values by 1,2,..,9 frames. Pressing [0] resets
to default (no frames are skipped).

Copyright 2009, 2012 Yiannis Belias
Use under the GPLv2 or later, see COPYING.
Yiannis Belias  <>              `
Homepage [] '              .
GNU+LINUX:                                            '           '
In a world without fences who needs Gates?      .                     *
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