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  • Upgrade Clash core to v0.15.0 Release Note.
  • Automatic rename your .yml file to .yaml to met the new requirment of Clash core.
  • Due to new strict checking of ss-obfs and rule destination. Any error in default config file config.yaml would cause ClashX launch fail. If you are having problem on launch after upgrade to this version, consider to delete config.yaml and let ClashX auto create it.
  • Add some bugs. (Maybe.)
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@yichengchen yichengchen released this May 17, 2019

  • Upgrade Clash core.
  • Make the proxies order the same as the order in config file
  • Add kProxyEnableHook kProxyDisableHook kDidUpdateRemoteConfigHook to run custom scripts after specified event.
     defaults write com.west2online.ClashX kProxyEnableHook -string "Your command"
  • Disable cache when request remote config file.
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@yichengchen yichengchen released this May 10, 2019

  • Upgrade Clash core to v0.14.0 Release Note.
  • Support showing proxy group selection in the first class status bar drop down menu. You can disable it on setting menu
  • Enlarge network speed label font weight to medium.
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@yichengchen yichengchen released this Apr 25, 2019

  • Upgrading clash core with support of udp and experimental resolving ip fail behavior.
  • You may need to specify udp:true in your proxy server config to enable proxy udp ability.
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  • Fix can not set proxy config with system version below 10.14.4 (rewrite ProxyConfig using Objective-C).
  • Support disable auto update remote config file.
  • Support custom ignore list. see readme in the Github project main page for help.
  • Fix menu proxy group sorting. now sorting from a->z.
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@yichengchen yichengchen released this Mar 30, 2019

  • Upgrade Clash core to v0.13. Release note
  • Rewrite proxy speed display menu, performance issue fixed.
  • tigger remote config file update during clash launching.
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Mar 30, 2019
Chore: upgrade to Swift5 for main project

@yichengchen yichengchen released this Mar 1, 2019

  • use go 1.12 to compile clash core, fixing appstore issue, support tls 1.3
  • auto upgrade mmdb during clashX update.
  • add ui for load-balance group
  • add speedtest menuitem.
  • faster speedtest in dashboard
  • upgrade clash core
  • fix proxy menu select issue
  • add speedtest notification
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@yichengchen yichengchen released this Feb 15, 2019

  • Add load-balance group
    - { name: "load-balance", type: load-balance, proxies: ["ss1", "ss2", "vmess1"] }
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