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Codeigniter 3 complete solution pack with enhanced & modern framework extensions
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CodeIgniter 3 Framework Pack

Codeigniter 3 complete solution pack with enhanced & modern framework extensions

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Codeigniter 3 is a great PHP framework with lite portability and high performance, but nowadays it is not so powerful and lacks of design pattern. There are still many maintenance requirements, even suitable development scenario for CodeIgniter 3, so this framework pack provides a total solution to enhance and modernize CodeIgniter 3 with collection of helpful extensions.



This library requires the following:


Run Composer in your CodeIgniter project under the folder \application:

composer require yidas/codeigniter-pack

Check CodeIgniter application/config/config.php:

$config['composer_autoload'] = TRUE;

You could customize the vendor path into $config['composer_autoload']



ORM Model



Unit Test

Queue Worker


The necessary configurations of the extensions are below:


Server Environment

Codeigniter 3 server configuration for Nginx & Apache

Application BaseUrl Setting (Set / base for base_url at least)

Application Structure

├── application/            CI app root
    ├── cache/              CI cache
    ├── config/             CI app configurations
    ├── contracts           PSR-4 Contracts (ex.Interfaces)
    ├── controllers/        CI app controllers
    ├── core/               CI app level core extension
    ├── helpers/            PSR-4/CI helpers (Recommended to use PSR-4 only)
    ├── hooks/              CI app hooks
    ├── language/           CI app language
    ├── libraries/          CI app components (One time loading)
    ├── logs/               CI app logs
    ├── models/             CI app models (ORM/Active-Record entities)
    ├── presenters/         PSR-4 Presenters
    ├── services/           PSR-4 Services
    ├── third_party/        CI app third party
    ├── vender/             Composer vendor
    ├── views/              CI app views
        └── controller-name/    Each controller has it own view folder
            └── action.php      Each controller action has it own view file
    └── widgets/            PSR-4 Widgets
├── assets/                 Public assets
└── system/                 CI Framework system
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