Font Awesome Asset Bundle for Yii2 framework
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Font Awesome Extension for Yii 2

Font Awesome Asset Bundle for Yii2 framework

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This is the Font Awesome extension for Yii framework 2.0. It encapsulates Font Awesome distribution assets and thus makes using Font Awesome in Yii applications extremely easy.


The preferred install way is through Composer:

composer require yidas/yii2-fontawesome

Or you could edit composer.json with adding package in require section then run composer update.

"yidas/yii2-fontawesome": "~2.0.0"


Register or depend Asset into your application:


For eaxmple, to register Font Awesome assets in view :


Or as dependency in your app asset bundle :

namespace app\assets;
use yii\web\AssetBundle;
class AppAsset extends AssetBundle
    public $basePath = '@webroot';
    public $baseUrl = '@web';
    public $css = [
    public $js = [
    public $depends = [

CDN Asset Mode

You could switch Asset to use CDN distribution by configuring config file:

'components' => [
    'assetManager' => [
        'bundles' => [
            'yidas\yii\fontawesome\FontawesomeAsset' => [
                'cdn' => true,
                // 'cdnVersion' => '4.7.0',

Specify a CDN source

You could also specify CDN source you like:

'assetManager' => [
    'bundles' => [
        'yidas\yii\fontawesome\FontawesomeAsset' => [
            'cdn' => true,
            'cdnCSS' => ['//'],


Version Control

Update dependent packages

composer update yidas/yii2-fontawesome

Update newest Font-Awesome version

composer update fortawesome/font-awesome

Specify a Font-Awesome version

composer require fortawesome/font-awesome 4.7.0