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A Hexo bootstrap theme based on freewill. Freewill aims at fully taking advantages of Bootstrap and the strengths of freewill with an styling adjusted for personal preference.


  • Bootstrap - get the power of Twitter Bootstrap with minimal hassle;
  • Bootswatch - get the ease of Bootswatch
  • Tag plugins - Bootstrap tag plugins by hexo-tag-bootstrap, including:
    • textcolor - a paragraph of text with specified color;
    • button - a button with target links, text and specified color;
    • label - a label with text and specified color;
    • badge - a badge with text;
    • alert - alert messages with text and specified color;


Edit theme/freewill/_config.yml

Normal Bootstrap (v3.2.0)


Bootswatch Cerulean (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: cerulean

Bootswatch Flatly (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: flatly

Bootswatch Journal (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: journal

Bootswatch Lumen (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: lumen

Bootswatch Readable (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: readable

Bootswatch Simplex (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: simplex

Bootswatch Space Lab (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: spacelab

Bootswatch United (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: united

Bootswatch Yeti (v3.2.0)

bootswatch: yeti


1) install theme:

$ git clone themes/freewill

2) install hexo-tag-bootstrap:

$ npm install hexo-tag-bootstrap --save

3) Create pages

freewill offers you the customized Categories, Tags and About pages. But you need to manually create these page at your 'source' folder.

For example, to create a Categories page, you may create a index.html file at source/categories/ folder with the following contents:

title: Categories
layout: categories

Tags and About pages are created in a similar way, except that the layouts are tags and page respectively.

Some people may argue that I should embed these pages in the theme. This really makes sense, but currently I don't have time to do so. If you know how, welcome to send me patches.


Modify theme setting in your _config.yml to freewill.


$ cd themes/freewill
$ git pull


slogan: Yet another bootstrap theme.

  - title: Archives
    url: archives
    intro: All the articles.
    icon: fa fa-archive
  - title: Categories
    url: categories
    intro: All the categories.
    icon: fa fa-folder
  - title: Tags
    url: tags
    intro: All the tags.
    icon: fa fa-tags
  - title: About
    url: about
    intro: About me.
    icon: fa fa-user

  - title: My Github
    intro: My Github account.
    icon: fa fa-github
  - title: My LinkedIn
    intro: My Linkin account.
    icon: fa fa-linkedin

- search
- category
- tagcloud
- recent_posts
- links

rss: atom.xml
favicon: favicon.png
fancybox: true
  • slogan - slogan display at the index page
  • menu - Navigation menu
  • links - reference links at the links widget
  • widgets - Widgets displaying in sidebar
  • rss - RSS link
  • fancybox - Enable Fancybox
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics ID


There are some new front-matter settings in freewill that you can use to decorate your articles.

  • description - a short description about the articles that will be display at the top of the post
  • feature - sets a feature image that will be show at the index page
  • toc - renders a table of contents

For example:

title: Tag Plugins
date: 2014-03-16 10:17:16
tags: plugins
categories: Docs
description: Introduce tag plugins in freewill.
feature: images/tag-plugins/plugins.jpg
toc: true


This theme is provided under MIT License.