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New 3DS Custom Firmware
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yifanlu Temporarily disable reboot patches.
This fixes problem of reboot not working for lgyfirm.
A more solid fix will check if firmlaunch is for NATIVE_FIRM and do patches accordingly. However since this is used so rarely, it might be cleaner to just disable reboots.
Latest commit 54e512a Jun 17, 2016


This is a stripped down version of AuReiNand that does nothing but load FIRM and emuNAND.

It is intended to be used with 3ds_injector to launch a modified loader in FIRM.

Why not just AuReiNand?

This adds no features to AuReiNand and in fact removes many features. This is because I believe in simplicity and I believe in keeping features of code integrity in the system intact. The name change is a result of this change in philosophy. I understand that not everyone agrees with this so they are always free to use AuReiNand instead.


Follow the directions for building AuReiNand.


All credits go to Rei and AuroraWright for AuReiNand.

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