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PSXperia is a tool that will take a PSX image that you legally own and convert it to be playable on the Xperia Play with the emulator extracted from Sony's PSX games found preinstalled on the Play or bought from the marketplace (not yet).

First Time Usage Guide

  1. Make sure you have Java runtime environment installed (JDK is also fine).
  2. Download the latest binary release from the Downloads section. The top-most entry is the newest release.
  3. Extract it and open up "PSXperiaTool.jar". If your computer does not recognize .jar files, try opening up "psxperiatool-windows.bat" (Windows) or "psxperiatool" (Linux/OSX).
  4. Read the information box (this is important).
  5. Accept the usage agreement, and choose the "Extract" tab.
  6. Follow the direction on screen to locate the necessary files and press "Extract".
  7. Now, you may open the "Convert" tab, choose the directory you extracted the data to in the previous step, the ISO you wish to convert, and the directory to output the converted files to.
  8. You may also change the settings and icon (see guidelines below). Now press convert and wait.
  9. Once the process is done, you can go to the output directory and install the APK file onto your phone. Then you must copy the contents of the "data" folder to "Android/data" on your phone's SD card.

For successive conversions, all you need to do is follow steps 6-8.

Settings Guidelines

When converting, you have the option to set the game name, description, icon, etc. Here are some of the things you need to know. (should = recommended, must = required)

  • Icon must be a PNG file and should be 170x170, but it is recommended for software reasons and it looks like a normal app to use 160x160. This will also be the image that shows up in the Playstation Pocket app.

  • Title ID must only contain alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) characters and underscores (_).

  • All other text fields should only be in english (no accented letters or symbols like ® or ™) and should not contain symbols (quotes, exclamation marks, etc)

  • Store type and parental rating so far does nothing noticeable, so you may leave them as it is.

  • Analog mode is the equivalent of pressing the square "Analog" button on the DualShock controller, which makes the red light turn on. In other words, it doesn't work with all games. In addition, you need to set the analog controls in the controller menu in game.

Common Mistakes

Before filing a bug report, check to see if you're making a common mistake.

  • Are you going to complain about the convert/extract tabs not working even after you checked all the boxes? I would be a better reader if I were you. If you don't read, I won't allow you to use the program. Simple as that.

  • Not following the settings guidelines above. To test, convert your image with all settings on default (titleid, name, description, etc). If it works, that means there is something wrong with your settings.

  • Not having Java installed or in your system's PATH variable. Open up a command line or terminal window and type in "java". If you get an error about command not found or recognized, you need to install Java. If Java is installed, make sure Java's bin folder is in your system's PATH environmental variable (Google).

  • Not enabling "Unknown Sources" on your Android phone. (Google it).

  • Incorrectly ripping the PSX image. Try loading the ISO/BIN file into a PC PSX emulator like ePSXe or, if you have it, FPSE on the Android. If it doesn't work, you need to re-rip it, preferably with a different software.

Filing a bug report

Please note that errors with compatibility cannot be fixed (glitches in game, freezes in game, etc). What can be fixed are errors in converting and errors running the game. Before you submit a new ticket, read the closed issues to see if your problem is a non-issue (a problem on your part). If not, read the open issues and see if your issue is already submitted. Also read the common mistakes section above to see if your problem is listed there. If so, comment and let us know that you are experiencing the problem too. If your problem is not a non-issue and it is not already submitted, you should open a new issue. You must be detailed in describing your problem or we cannot fix it. First, include the operating system that you're using to convert the game and the version of Android (Android version, name of the ROM, and the name of the kernel) that you're trying to load it on. Next, include the name of the game and any revalent information. Finally (this is EXTREMELY important), you MUST include all revalent logs. This means "psxperia.log", which is found in the same folder you extracted PSXPeria to AND Android's logcat (Google it) if the problem has to do with running the game. Issues opened without a log pasted in or attached will be closed.

"This APK is not supported."

Did you get "This APK is not supported." when trying to extract your Crash Bandicoot APK? If so, you have a version of Crash Bandicoot that is currently unsupported. If you get this, try using another version (for legal reasons, I cannot provide you with this, so you have to find it yourself). You can also open a ticket. Be sure to include the log file (psxperia.log) and message me a copy of the APK.


For a compatibility list, check the Compatibility page. If you're having major graphical glitches, try the Software Rendering hack.

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