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3DS 9.x Code Loading Utilities

Here is a collection of scripts and tools used for loading code on 9.x 3DS. Check out my posts to see how all this works. Please note this is only for developers and 3DS researchers and there is nothing here for the end user. This is NOT a CFW or any kind of ROM loader.

How do I compile?

You need an arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain installed. Then just run "make". The toolchain that is tested with is



This is an Spider ROP script that loads "code.bin" as ARM11 userland code from the SD card and runs it. It exploits the gspwn vulnerability to load the code.


This is an deobfuscated and cleaned up version of GW's first stage Launcher.dat loader with two changes. 1) No decryption is done, and 2) no indexing is done. This means you place the raw ROP.dat on the sdcard. It is tested to work with regionthree.


Taken from WinterMute ROP scripts for mset on 4.x and 6.x. Dumps memory to sdcard with 9.x spider.

Code (UVLoader Lite)

A stripped down version of UVLoader that generates ARM code that runs with LoadCode. Currently it does nothing except display a random pattern on screen. Think of it as a lazy hello world. It is a starting point for your code.


Compile with "gcc -o browserify browserify.c" on your computer. Then convert any spider ROP payload to JS string with "browserify LoadCode.dat" (as an example).

On spider ROP payloads

There are specific data at specific offsets that spider must see for the ROP to work. If you look in any of the example linker script, you'll see where the data is placed. Additionaly, you must make sure the ROP script is exactly 0x300 bytes long.


  • smea for ROP gadgets used in LoadCode
  • WinterMute for ROP boilerplate code and inspiration for MemoryDump