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Differential Surface Splatting
Python Cuda C++ Shell
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DSS: Differentiable Surface Splatting (Arxiv)



  1. clone
git clone --recursive
cd dss
  1. install prequisitories. Our code uses python3.7, the installation instruction requires the latest anaconda.
# install cuda, cudnn, nccl from nvidia
# we tested with cuda 10.1, cudnn 7.5, nccl 1.3.5
# update conda
conda update -n base -c defaults conda
# install requirements
conda config --add channels pytorch
conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda create --name DSS --file requirements.txt
conda activate DSS
# plyfile package is not on conda
pip install plyfile
  1. compile cuda library
cd pytorch_points
python install
cd ..
python develop 


inverse rendering - shape deformation

sphere to teapot
# inverse rendering test: optimize point positions and normals to transform sphere to teapot
python example_data/scenes/sphere.json -t example_data/scenes/teapot.json


cube to yoga
python example_data/scenes/cube_20k.json  -t example_data/scenes/yoga6.json --name yoga6_z_paper_1


python learn_examples/yoga6_z_paper_1/final_scene.json  -t example_data/scenes/yoga6.json --name yoga6_z_paper_1_1



cd trained_models
# unix system can run this command directly

# 0.3% noise
python example_data/scenes/pix2pix_denoise.json --cloud example_data/pointclouds/noisy03_points/a72-seated_jew_aligned_pca.ply

# 1.0% noise
python example_data/scenes/pix2pix_denoise_noise01.json --cloud example_data/noisy1_points/a72-seated_jew_aligned_pca.ply


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