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Code for ECCV 2018, Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation via Evaluation-Guided Asymmetric Regression
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Asymmetric Gaze Regression


This is the README file for the official code associated with the ECCV2018 paper, "Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation via Evaluation-Guided Asymmetric Regression".

Our academic paper which describe ARE-Net in detail and provides full result can be found here: [PAPER].


We also ask that you cite the associated paper if you make use of this code; following is the BibTeX entry:

Author = {Yihua Cheng and Feng Lu and Xucong Zhang},
Title = {Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation via Evaluation-Guided Asymmetric Regression},
Year = {2018},
Booktitle = {European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)}


To using this code, you should make sure following libraries are installed first.

numpy, os, math etc., which can be found in the head of code.

Run the code


You need to modify the config.yaml first especially data/label and data/root params.

data/label represents the path of label file.

data/root represents the path of image file.

A example of label file is data folder. Each line in label file is conducted as:

p00/left/1.bmp p00/right/1.bmp p00/day08/0069.bmp -0.244513310176,0.0520949295694,-0.968245505778 ... ...

Where our code reads image data form os.path.join(data/root, "p00/left/1.bmp") and reads gts of gaze direction from the rest in label file.


We provide two optional args, which are -m and -n.

-m represet the running mode. We use 1 for train mode, 2 for predict mode and 3 for evaluate mode.

For example, you can run the code like:

python -m 13

to train and evaluate model together.

-n represet the number of test file in 'leave-one-person-out' strategy.
For example, data/label provide 15 label file. Use

python -m 13 -n 0

, you train and evaluate the model with using the first person (p00.label) as test file.
Note that, we add a loop in to perform leave-one-person-out automatically. You can delete it for your individual usage.


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