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import Text.Printf
import Network
import System.IO
import Control.Monad
import Control.Concurrent
handleLine :: String -> String
handleLine req = case words req of
["hello", arg] -> "hello " ++ (show.(+1).read) arg
otherwise -> "unknown request"
handleClient :: Handle -> HostName -> PortNumber -> IO ()
handleClient csock chost cport = forever $ do
req <- hGetLine csock
putStrLn $ printf "recved %s from %s" req (show cport)
threadDelay (1000*1000*1)
let rep = handleLine req
hPutStrLn csock rep
putStrLn $ printf "sended %s to %s" rep (show cport)
main = do
withSocketsDo $ do
let port = 8000
sock <- listenOn (PortNumber port)
putStrLn $ printf "listening on %s" (show port)
forever $ do
(csock, chost, cport) <- accept sock
hSetBuffering csock NoBuffering
forkIO $ handleClient csock chost cport
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