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R-CMD-check CRAN release

This is an infrastructure R package for syntax highlighting. It supports LaTeX and HTML output. Not surprisingly, it works best with R code. It attaches markups onto source code, e.g., it turns

a <- 1 # something

into LaTeX code

\hldef{a} \hlkwb{<-} \hlnum{1} \hlcom{\# something}

or HTML code

<span class="hl def">a</span> <span class="hl kwb">&lt;-</span> <span class="hl num">1</span> <span class="hl com"># something</span>


hi_latex("a <- 1 # something")
hi_html("a <- 1 # something")
# or hilight(code, format = "latex"/"html")

This package also has a wrapper function, hi_andre(), for Andre Simon's Highlight package.

There are a few package Markdown vignettes in this package:

browseVignettes(package = "highr")

To install the development version here, use

install.packages('highr', repos = '')

This package is licensed under GPL, and was originally designed for serving other packages such as knitr.