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Dynamic Documents with R and knitr

In the very beginning, I planned to write this book with Markdown, but later I changed my mind and wrote it in LyX instead. For those who are still interested in the Markdown source, please see the markdown directory.

Now this book has been published by Chapman & Hall. You can also find it on Amazon. There is a book review published in the Journal of Statistical Software, which may give you a better idea of this book than my own introduction.

The book source

Besides the old Markdown source which is really only an empty sketch, this repository also provides the real source files for the first three chapters of the book, so that you can learn how the book was written and quickly get started with writing books using the LaTeX style by Chapman & Hall.

The main file is DDR-Yihui-Xie-Chap1-3.lyx; the Rnw file DDR-Yihui-Xie-Chap1-3.Rnw was exported from LyX; krantz.cls is the LaTeX class provided by Chapman & Hall, and I wrote a simple LyX layout file krantz.layout; DDR-Yihui-Xie.bib contains some bibliography entries, and DDR-packages.bib is dynamically generated from knitr (see the last chunk in the LyX or Rnw file).

The PDF of the first three chapters can be downloaded here ⬇️.

For Linux users, the minimal version of LyX for this book is 2.0.3 (as you can get from Debian). For Windows/Mac OS X users, just download the latest binaries from the LyX website. If you do not use LyX, you can simply open the Rnw file and start from there.

Be sure to read the session info in the preface because your R packages may not be up-to-date to reproduce the PDF. Normally I use development versions of my packages, because I often find little problems that I need to solve for the book, and these changes will end up in the development versions.


GitHub issues ( is the preferred way for feedbacks. You can also reach me by email if you really want:

echo oybuwycxy.trpb | tr bopcrbtucwxyc+ exmiaen@iyuih