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A minimal R Markdown example

A quote:

Markdown is not LaTeX.

To compile me, run this in R:


See output here.

code chunks

A paragraph here. A code chunk below (remember the three backticks):

1 + 1
## [1] 2
0.4 - 0.7 + 0.3  # what? it is not zero!
## [1] 5.551e-17


It is easy.


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

inline code

Yes I know the value of pi is 3.1416, and 2 times pi is 6.2832.


Sigh. You cannot live without math equations. OK, here we go: $\alpha+\beta=\gamma$. Note this is not supported by native markdown. You probably want to try RStudio, or at least the R package markdown, or the function knitr::knit2html().

nested code chunks

You can write code within other elements, e.g. a list

  1. foo is good

    strsplit("hello indented world", " ")[[1]]
    ## [1] "hello"    "indented" "world"
  2. bar is better

Or inside blockquotes:

Here is a quote, followed by a code chunk:

x = 1:10
##  [1] 100  81  64  49  36  25  16   9   4   1


Nothing fancy. You are ready to go. When you become picky, go to the knitr website.

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