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\title{Automatically create a report based on an R script and a template}
stitch(script, template = system.file("misc", "knitr-template.Rnw", package = "knitr"),
output = NULL, envir = parent.frame())
\item{script}{path to the R script}
\item{template}{path of the template to use (by default
the Rnw template in this package; there is also an HTML
template in \pkg{knitr})}
\item{output}{the output filename (passed to
\code{\link{knit}}); by default it uses the base filename
of the script}
\item{envir}{the environment in which the code chunks are
to be evaluated (can use \code{\link{new.env}()} to
guarantee an empty new environment)}
path of the output document
This is a convenience function for small-scale automatic
reporting based on an R script and a template.
The first two lines of the R script can contain the title
and author of the report in comments of the form \samp{##
title:} and \samp{## author:}. The template must have a
chunk named \samp{auto-report}, which will be used to
input all the R code from the script. See the examples
s = system.file("misc", "stitch-test.R", package = "knitr")
# HTML report
stitch(s, system.file("misc", "knitr-template.Rhtml", package = "knitr"))
# or convert markdown to HTML
stitch(s, system.file("misc", "knitr-template.Rmd", package = "knitr"))
\code{\link{spin}} (turn a specially formatted R script
to a report)
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