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\title{Build automatic dependencies among chunks}
dep_auto(path = opts_chunk$get("cache.path"))
\item{path}{the path to the dependency file}
\code{NULL}. The dependencies are built as a side effect.
When the chunk option \code{autodep = TRUE}, all names of
objects created in a chunk will be saved in a file named
\file{__objects} and all global objects used in a chunk
will be saved to \file{__globals}. This function can
analyze object names in these files to automatically
build cache dependencies, which is similar to the effect
of the \code{dependson} option. It is supposed to be used
in the first chunk of a document and this chunk must not
be cached.
Be cautious about \code{path}: because this function is
used in a chunk, the working directory when the chunk is
evaluated is the directory of the input document in
\code{\link{knit}}, and if that directory differs from
the working directory before calling \code{knit()}, you
need to adjust the \code{path} argument here to make sure
this function can find the cache files \file{__objects}
and \file{__globals}.
\code{build_dep} is a deprecated alias for
\code{dep_auto} and may be removed in the future.
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