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A Minimal Example for Markdown

This is a minimal example of using knitr to produce an HTML page from Markdown.

R code chunks

# set global chunk options: images will be 7x5 inches
knitr::opts_chunk$set(fig.width=7, fig.height=5)
options(digits = 4)

Now we write some code chunks in this markdown file:

x <- 1+1 # a simple calculator
rnorm(5)  # boring random numbers

We can also produce plots:

par(mar = c(4, 4, .1, .1))
with(mtcars, {
  plot(mpg~hp, pch=20, col='darkgray')
  lines(lowess(hp, mpg))

Inline code

Inline R code is also supported, e.g. the value of x is r x, and 2 × π = r 2*pi.


LaTeX math as usual: $f(\alpha, \beta) \propto x^{\alpha-1}(1-x)^{\beta-1}$.


You can indent code chunks so they can nest within other environments such as lists.

  1. the area of a circle with radius x
    pi * x^2
  2. OK, that is great

To compile me, use



Markdown is super easy to write. Go to knitr homepage for details.