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This is a special R script which can be used to generate a report. You can
write normal text in roxygen comments.
First we set up some options (you do not have to do this):
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
opts_chunk$set(fig.path = 'figure/silk-')
The report begins here.
```{r test-a, cache=FALSE}
# boring examples as usual
x = rnorm(5)
You can use the special syntax {{code}} to embed inline expressions, e.g.
`r mean(x) + 2`
is the mean of x plus 2.
The code itself may contain braces, but these are not checked. Thus,
perfectly valid (though very strange) R code such as `{{2 + 3}} - {{4 - 5}}`
can lead to errors because `2 + 3}} - {{4 - 5` will be treated as inline code.
Now we continue writing the report. We can draw plots as well.
```{r test-b, fig.width=5, fig.height=5}
par(mar = c(4, 4, .1, .1)); plot(x)
Actually you do not have to write chunk options, in which case knitr will use
default options. For example, the code below has no options attached:
```{r }
And you can also write two chunks successively like this:
```{r test-chisq5}
sum(x^2) # chi-square distribution with df 5
```{r test-chisq4}
sum((x - mean(x))^2) # df is 4 now
Done. Call spin('knitr-spin.R') to make silk from sow's ear now and knit a
lovely purse.
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