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Upload your WordPress XML to this repo, and download Markdown posts in a minute
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Travis Exitwp

This is a "cloud" version of Exitwp. It is provided to those who do not know how to run Python scripts (or do not bother to run the script locally). Basically you upload a WordPress XML file and you will get a download link to a zip file of your posts/pages in Markdown.

  1. Export your WordPress posts to XML (from your WordPress Admin panel: Tools -> Export).

  2. Fork this repository, upload the .xml file, and follow Github's guide to submit a pull request.



  3. Wait for a minute or so, and you should see a green checkmark on your commit. Click it to see the detailed log on Travis CI.


    If the build was successful, you should see the last few lines of the log like this:

    zip -r build build
      adding: build/ (stored 0%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (stored 0%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (stored 0%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (stored 0%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (deflated 36%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (stored 0%)
      adding: build/jekyll/ (deflated 27%)
    curl -F ""
    {"success":true,"key":"4z2Ajm","link":"","expiry":"14 days"}
    The command "../" exited with 0.

    Open the link to download the zip archive. It contains the Markdown files converted from your WordPress posts. Note you only have one chance to download it (once downloaded, it will be deleted permanently). Read the blogdown book to know how to proceed to Hugo:

Many thanks to @thomasf for providing the Exitwp scripts. All I did was to configure Travis (.travis.yml) and provide the documentation here. I'd like to thank, too. File uploading via a one-liner command. That is very cool.

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