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Google Cloud Vision API Java examples

This directory contains Cloud Vision API Java samples.

For Android samples, check out the mobile samples for the Cloud Vision API. (Source code for Android sample)


Download Maven

This sample uses the Apache Maven build system. Before getting started, be sure to download and install it. When you use Maven as described here, it will automatically download the needed client libraries.


  • Create a project with the Google Cloud Console, and enable the Vision API.

  • Set up your environment with Application Default Credentials. For example, from the Cloud Console, you might create a service account, download its json credentials file, then set the appropriate environment variable:

    export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/path/to/your-project-credentials.json


Label Detection

This sample annotates an image with labels based on its content.

Face Detection

This sample identifies faces within an image.

Landmark Detection Using Google Cloud Storage

This sample identifies a landmark within an image stored on Google Cloud Storage.

Text Detection Using the Vision API

This sample uses TEXT_DETECTION Vision API requests to build an inverted index from the stemmed words found in the images, and stores that index in a Redis database. The example uses the OpenNLP library (Open Natural Language Processing) for finding stopwords and doing stemming. The resulting index can be queried to find images that match a given set of words, and to list text that was found in each matching image.

Documentation and Java Code