Does not work with relations defined in the metadata of the Active Record #36

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Taken from this comment:

Before I start, let me express that I am grateful this extension was done in the first place. It is something needed and I hope it is added to the core as it will accelerate the development proccess. That being said..

I have a behavior that is called categorizable. Basically I add the behavior to any model that I want to be able to receive categories. In the behavior, I add the relationship with categories through the metaData of the Active Record.

This extension takes the relations from the Active Record from the relations() method which is an array containing a configuration. However, this configuration does not refresh when the metadata of relations is updated.

Therefore this plugin does not work if you add a relationship via the metadata of the active record.

There are two possible solutions for this.

  • Modify (Directly or Extending) the EActiveRecordRelationBehavior so that it reads the relations from the metadata and not from the relations() method.
  • Modify the relations method so that it is updated when the metadata is updated....however this solution gives me the sense that will break other things :$ so I am going for the first one.
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@omnilight omnilight added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 4, 2013
@omnilight omnilight Fix for issue #36
This fix adds ability to deal with relations defined in metadata of ActiveRecord
@omnilight omnilight added a commit to omnilight/activerecord-relation-behavior that referenced this issue Aug 4, 2013
@omnilight omnilight Fix for issue #36 66da864
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