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intel352 commented Apr 2, 2012

@creocoder @samdark
Since your repo is empty with no branches, I'm unable to submit a proper pull request.

Anyhow, to keep association between your repo and my own changes, I forked it (had to do some trickery w/ github due to no branches), and copied in my internal version of AdjacencyListBehavior (renamed to remove E prefix, as I've noticed you've done with NestedSetBehavior, for instance).

Updated the class description to match style in nested set as well.

While I use this behavior internally, I have no further use for it at this time, and have not continued development on it. I essentially developed as far as I needed functionality, and stopped. Figured while I'm restructuring, might as well help you with getting your repo initiated and usable, since you can just pull my fork in now (you'll likely have to do it from cmd line, then push to github, before you can use the web interface for dealing with pull requests and whatnot).


creocoder commented Apr 3, 2012

Ok, need to investigate it...

@ghost ghost assigned creocoder Apr 4, 2012

Have you dropped this extension, why it's forsaken?


samdark commented Nov 26, 2012

@cherifGsoul time.

Well, I have to display CGridView in tree manner and I have database that have adjenceny tree any help to convert it to nestedset (legacy table), is there an extension for for CGridView as view?


samdark commented Nov 27, 2012

Do you need paging it? If yes, it's better to switch to nestedset.

Yes I need paging with a user input to change the number of records per page for now we did a customize pager for load more manner because the client has already data that we dont need to lose so it was hard to switch to nestedset.Even for perfomance nestedset much better so for now we still on adjancency tree we look to change in the future. Thanks

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