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[+] Add getErrors(), hasErrors(), addError() method. (Veaceslav Medvedev)
[+] Add onBeforeUpload and onAfterUpload event. Details in readme.txt (Veaceslav Medvedev)
[*] Event onBeforeSave can cancel process and file do not be save. (Veaceslav Medvedev)
[-] Remove setter and getter to path and filename. (Veaceslav Medvedev)
Warning: this version is not backwards compatible to 0.1.
[*] Add setter and getter to path and filename. Now you can change it from beforeSave event. (Veaceslav Medvedev)
[-] Delete property exitOnAjax. You can stop appliaction via event. (Veaceslav Medvedev)
[+] Initial public release (Veaceslav Medvedev)
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