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Sessions allow persisting data between requests without passing them to the client and back. Yii has a special component to work with session data.

Configuring middleware

In order for session to work properly, ensure that \Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\SessionMiddleware is registed in application middleware stack before request router.

Opening and closing session

public function actionProfile(\Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\SessionInterface $session)
    // start session if it's not yet started

    // work with session

    // write session values and then close it

Note: Closing session as early as possible is a good practice since many session implementations are blocking other requests while session is open.

There are two more ways to close session:

public function actionProfile(\Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\SessionInterface $session)
    // discard changes and close session

    // destroy session completely

Working with session data

Usually you will use the following methods to work with session data:

public function actionProfile(\Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\SessionInterface $session)
    // get a value
    $lastAccessTime = $session->get('lastAccessTime');

    // get all values
    $sessionData = $session->all();
    // set a value
    $session->set('lastAccessTime', time());

    // check if value exists
    if ($session->has('lastAccessTime')) {
        // ...    
    // remove value

    // get value and then remove it
    $sessionData = $session->pull('lastAccessTime');

    // clear session data from runtime

Custom session storage

When using Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\Session as session component, you can provide your own storage implementation:

$handler = new MySessionHandler();
$session = new \Yiisoft\Yii\Web\Session\Session([], $handler);

Custom storage must implement \SessionHandlerInterface.

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