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Yii Framework Twitter Bootstrap 4 Extension

⚠️ Please do not start new projects with Bootstrap 4. There is Bootstrap 5 package available.

This Yii Framework extension encapsulates Twitter Bootstrap 4 components and plugins in terms of Yii widgets, and thus makes using Bootstrap components/plugins in Yii applications extremely easy.

Documentation is at docs/guide/

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

composer require yiisoft/yii-bootstrap4


For example, the following single line of code in a view file would render a Bootstrap Progress plugin:

<?= Progress::widget()->percent('60')->label(test); ?>

Read Documentation for more information

Unit testing

The package is tested with PHPUnit. To run tests:


Mutation testing

The package tests are checked with Infection mutation framework. To run it:


Static analysis

The code is statically analyzed with Psalm. To run static analysis:


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The Yii Framework Twitter Bootstrap 4 Extension is free software. It is released under the terms of the BSD License. Please see LICENSE for more information.

Maintained by Yii Software.