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Upgrading Instructions for Yii Framework v1.0.6
The following upgrading instructions are cumulative. That is,
if you want to upgrade from version A to version C and there is
version B between A and C, you need to following the instructions
for both A and B.
Upgrading from v1.0.5
Upgrading from v1.0.4
- CWebUser::checkAccess() takes an additional parameter to allow caching
the access check results. If you override this method, you will need to
modify your method declaration accordingly. Because the new parameter will
enable caching the access check results by default, please double check
your code containing this method call to make sure the behavior is as expected.
- CDateParser has been renamed to CDateTimeParser
Upgrading from v1.0.3
- The signature of CWebModule::init() is modified. Its parameter is removed.
If your application uses modules, you have to modify your module class
files accordingly.
Upgrading from v1.0.2
- Controllers that are organized in subdirectories are now referenced
using the ID format "path/to/xyz". Previously it was "".
If you use "" in your application, you have to modify it
to "path/to/xyz".
- CHtml::coreScript() is removed. If you used this in your application,
please use the following alternative:
Upgrading from v1.0.1
- Due to the introduction of the scenario-based massive assignment feature,
we removed CActiveRecord::protectedAttributes(). Please use safeAttributes()
to specify which attributes are safe to be massively assigned.
For more details about scenario-based assignment and validation,
please read the following tutorial section:
- The signature of CModel::validate() has been changed to:
CModel::validate($scenario='', $attributes=null)
That is, the order of the two parameters has been swapped. If your application
contains code that invokes the validate() method (of either a CFormModel
or a CActiveRecord object) with some parameter, please make sure you fix
the parameter order.
- The usage of CActiveRecord::with() and the 'with' option in relations
has been changed. In order to query child relations, we should specify the 'with'
parameter/option like the following now:
Post::model()->with(array('comments', 'author.profile'))->findAll();
Previously, this should be written as:
Post::model()->with(array('comments', 'author'=>'profile'))->findAll();
If your code does not involve child relations (like 'profile' in the above),
nothing needs to be changed.
This change has been introduced in order to support dynamic relational
query options. For example, we can specify that comments be sorted in
descending order (assuming in the relations() method it is specified as
ascending order):
'comments'=>array('order'=>'createTime DESC'),
Upgrading from v1.0.0
- An $scenario parameter is added to both CModel::beforeValidate() and afterValidate().
If you override these methods in your child classes (form models, AR classes),
make sure you change the method signature accordingly.
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