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Upgrading Instructions for Yii Framework v1.0b
The following upgrading instructions are cumulative. That is,
if you want to upgrade from version A to version C and there is
version B between A and C, you need to following the instructions
for both A and B.
Upgrading from v1.0a
- The getIsNewRecord and setIsNewRecord methods are removed from CActiveRecord.
Please use CActiveRecord.isNewRecord property directly.
- CWebUser.login is now taking an identity object as parameter.
CWebUser.switchTo is removed. You should now implement identity class
instead of overriding CWebUser. CWebUser.roles property is removed
and the roles property is removed from access rules of CAccessControlFilter.
Consider using "authManager" application component to do RBAC.
- Yii::t() is changed. A category parameter is added as the first parameter.
And the message to be translated should not contain category information anymore.
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