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* CUniqueValidator class file.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @link
* @copyright Copyright &copy; 2008-2011 Yii Software LLC
* @license
* CUniqueValidator validates that the attribute value is unique in the corresponding database table.
* When using the {@link message} property to define a custom error message, the message
* may contain additional placeholders that will be replaced with the actual content. In addition
* to the "{attribute}" placeholder, recognized by all validators (see {@link CValidator}),
* CUniqueValidator allows for the following placeholders to be specified:
* <ul>
* <li>{value}: replaced with current value of the attribute.</li>
* </ul>
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @version $Id$
* @package system.validators
* @since 1.0
class CUniqueValidator extends CValidator
* @var boolean whether the comparison is case sensitive. Defaults to true.
* Note, by setting it to false, you are assuming the attribute type is string.
public $caseSensitive=true;
* @var boolean whether the attribute value can be null or empty. Defaults to true,
* meaning that if the attribute is empty, it is considered valid.
public $allowEmpty=true;
* @var string the ActiveRecord class name that should be used to
* look for the attribute value being validated. Defaults to null, meaning using
* the class of the object currently being validated.
* You may use path alias to reference a class name here.
* @see attributeName
public $className;
* @var string the ActiveRecord class attribute name that should be
* used to look for the attribute value being validated. Defaults to null,
* meaning using the name of the attribute being validated.
* @see className
public $attributeName;
* @var mixed additional query criteria. Either an array or CDbCriteria.
* This will be combined with the condition that checks if the attribute
* value exists in the corresponding table column.
* This array will be used to instantiate a {@link CDbCriteria} object.
public $criteria=array();
* @var string the user-defined error message. The placeholders "{attribute}" and "{value}"
* are recognized, which will be replaced with the actual attribute name and value, respectively.
public $message;
* @var boolean whether this validation rule should be skipped if when there is already a validation
* error for the current attribute. Defaults to true.
* @since 1.1.1
public $skipOnError=true;
* Validates the attribute of the object.
* If there is any error, the error message is added to the object.
* @param CModel $object the object being validated
* @param string $attribute the attribute being validated
protected function validateAttribute($object,$attribute)
if($this->allowEmpty && $this->isEmpty($value))
throw new CException(Yii::t('yii','Table "{table}" does not have a column named "{column}".',
$criteria=new CDbCriteria();
$tableAlias = empty($criteria->alias) ? $finder->getTableAlias(true) : $criteria->alias;
$valueParamName = CDbCriteria::PARAM_PREFIX.CDbCriteria::$paramCount++;
$criteria->addCondition($this->caseSensitive ? "{$tableAlias}.{$columnName}={$valueParamName}" : "LOWER({$tableAlias}.{$columnName})=LOWER({$valueParamName})");
$criteria->params[$valueParamName] = $value;
if(!$object instanceof CActiveRecord || $object->isNewRecord || $object->tableName()!==$finder->tableName())
if($column->isPrimaryKey) // primary key is modified and not unique
// non-primary key, need to exclude the current record based on PK
$message=$this->message!==null?$this->message:Yii::t('yii','{attribute} "{value}" has already been taken.');
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