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* CListView class file.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @link
* @copyright Copyright &copy; 2008-2010 Yii Software LLC
* @license
* CListView displays a list of data items in terms of a list.
* Unlike {@link CGridView} which displays the data items in a table, CListView allows one to use
* a view template to render each data item. As a result, CListView could generate more flexible
* rendering result.
* CListView supports both sorting and pagination of the data items. The sorting
* and pagination can be done in AJAX mode or normal page request. A benefit of using CListView is that
* when the user browser disables JavaScript, the sorting and pagination automatically degenerate
* to normal page requests and are still functioning as expected.
* CListView should be used together with a {@link IDataProvider data provider}, preferrably a
* {@link CActiveDataProvider}.
* The minimal code needed to use CListView is as follows:
* <pre>
* $dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Post');
* $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(
* 'dataProvider'=>$dataProvider,
* 'itemView'=>'_post', // refers to the partial view named '_post'
* 'sortableAttributes'=>array(
* 'title',
* 'create_time'=>'Post Time',
* ),
* ));
* </pre>
* The above code first creates a data provider for the <code>Post</code> ActiveRecord class.
* It then uses CListView to display every data item as returned by the data provider.
* The display is done via the partial view named '_post'. This partial view will be rendered
* once for every data item. In the view, one can access the current data item via variable <code>$data</code>.
* For more details, see {@link itemView}.
* In order to support sorting, one has to specify the {@link sortableAttributes} property.
* By doing so, a list of hyperlinks that can sort the data will be displayed.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @version $Id$
* @package zii.widgets
* @since 1.1
class CListView extends CBaseListView
* @var string the view used for rendering each data item.
* This property value will be passed as the first parameter to either {@link CController::renderPartial}
* or {@link CWidget::render} to render each data item.
* In the corresponding view template, the following variables can be used in addition to those declared in {@link viewData}:
* <ul>
* <li><code>$this</code>: refers to the owner of this list view widget. For example, if the widget is in the view of a controller,
* then <code>$this</code> refers to the controller.</li>
* <li><code>$data</code>: refers to the data item currently being rendered.</li>
* <li><code>$index</code>: refers to the zero-based index of the data item currently being rendered.</li>
* <li><code>$widget</code>: refers to this list view widget instance.</li>
* </ul>
public $itemView;
* @var array additional data to be passed to {@link itemView} when rendering each data item.
* This array will be extracted into local PHP variables that can be accessed in the {@link itemView}.
public $viewData=array();
* @var array list of sortable attribute names. In order for an attribute to be sortable, it must also
* appear as as a sortable attribute the {@link IDataProvider::sort} property of {@link dataProvider}.
* @see enableSorting
public $sortableAttributes;
* @var string the template to be used to control the layout of various components in the list view.
* These tokens are recognized: {summary}, {sorter}, {items} and {pager}. They will be replaced with the
* summary text, the sort links, the data item list, and the pager.
public $template="{summary}\n{sorter}\n{items}\n{pager}";
* @var string the CSS class name that will be assigned to the widget container element
* when the widget is updating its content via AJAX. Defaults to 'list-view-loading'.
* @since 1.1.1
public $loadingCssClass='list-view-loading';
* @var string the CSS class name for the sorter container. Defaults to 'sorter'.
public $sorterCssClass='sorter';
* @var string the text shown before sort links. Defaults to 'Sort by: '.
public $sorterHeader;
* @var string the text shown after sort links. Defaults to empty.
public $sorterFooter='';
* @var mixed the ID of the container whose content may be updated with an AJAX response.
* Defaults to null, meaning the container for this list view instance.
* If it is set false, it means sorting and pagination will be performed in normal page requests
* instead of AJAX requests. If the sorting and pagination should trigger the update of multiple
* containers' content in AJAX fashion, these container IDs may be listed here (separated with comma).
public $ajaxUpdate;
* @var string the name of the GET variable that indicates the request is an AJAX request triggered
* by this widget. Defaults to 'ajax'. This is effective only when {@link ajaxUpdate} is not false.
public $ajaxVar='ajax';
* @var string a javascript function that will be invoked before an AJAX update occurs.
* The function signature is <code>function(id)</code> where 'id' refers to the ID of the list view.
public $beforeAjaxUpdate;
* @var string a javascript function that will be invoked after a successful AJAX response is received.
* The function signature is <code>function(id, data)</code> where 'id' refers to the ID of the list view
* 'data' the received ajax response data.
public $afterAjaxUpdate;
* @var string the base script URL for all list view resources (e.g. javascript, CSS file, images).
* Defaults to null, meaning using the integrated list view resources (which are published as assets).
public $baseScriptUrl;
* @var string the URL of the CSS file used by this list view. Defaults to null, meaning using the integrated
* CSS file. If this is set false, you are responsible to explicitly include the necessary CSS file in your page.
public $cssFile;
* @var string the HTML tag name for the container of all data item display. Defaults to 'div'.
* @since 1.1.4
public $itemsTagName='div';
* Initializes the list view.
* This method will initialize required property values and instantiate {@link columns} objects.
public function init()
throw new CException(Yii::t('zii','The property "itemView" cannot be empty.'));
* Registers necessary client scripts.
public function registerClientScript()
$options['beforeAjaxUpdate']=(strpos($this->beforeAjaxUpdate,'js:')!==0 ? 'js:' : '').$this->beforeAjaxUpdate;
$options['afterAjaxUpdate']=(strpos($this->afterAjaxUpdate,'js:')!==0 ? 'js:' : '').$this->afterAjaxUpdate;
* Renders the data item list.
public function renderItems()
echo CHtml::openTag($this->itemsTagName,array('class'=>$this->itemsCssClass))."\n";
$render=$owner instanceof CController ? 'renderPartial' : 'render';
foreach($data as $i=>$item)
echo CHtml::closeTag($this->itemsTagName);
* Renders the sorter.
public function renderSorter()
if($this->dataProvider->getItemCount()<=0 || !$this->enableSorting || empty($this->sortableAttributes))
echo CHtml::openTag('div',array('class'=>$this->sorterCssClass))."\n";
echo $this->sorterHeader===null ? Yii::t('zii','Sort by: ') : $this->sorterHeader;
echo "<ul>\n";
foreach($this->sortableAttributes as $name=>$label)
echo "<li>";
echo $sort->link($label);
echo $sort->link($name,$label);
echo "</li>\n";
echo "</ul>";
echo $this->sorterFooter;
echo CHtml::closeTag('div');
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