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* CModelEvent class file.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @link
* @copyright 2008-2013 Yii Software LLC
* @license
* CModelEvent class.
* CModelEvent represents the event parameters needed by events raised by a model.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @package system.base
* @since 1.0
class CModelEvent extends CEvent
* @var boolean whether the model is in valid status and should continue its normal method execution cycles. Defaults to true.
* For example, when this event is raised in a {@link CFormModel} object that is executing {@link CModel::beforeValidate},
* if this property is set false by the event handler, the {@link CModel::validate} method will quit after handling this event.
* If true, the normal execution cycles will continue, including performing the real validations and calling
* {@link CModel::afterValidate}.
public $isValid=true;
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