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1 parent 417c4d2 commit 0855daf5a822a1be7321fbda25f1fd08c231f501 qiang.xue committed Jun 24, 2010
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2 framework/web/CController.php
@@ -781,8 +781,6 @@ public function renderText($text,$return=false)
* @param array data to be extracted into PHP variables and made available to the view script
* @param boolean whether the rendering result should be returned instead of being displayed to end users
* @param boolean whether the rendering result should be postprocessed using {@link processOutput}.
- * This parameter should be set true if renderPartial is the only method used to generate
- * the output when handling a user request.
* @return string the rendering result. Null if the rendering result is not required.
* @throws CException if the view does not exist
* @see getViewFile

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