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Changelog for #959 fixed.

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1 parent 7886747 commit 839cc3ba4177b9c83289935370838f26a05fd742 @resurtm resurtm committed Sep 27, 2012
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Version 1.1.13 work in progress
- Bug #276: Tweaked CGridView stylesheet to include a hover style for the selected row (acorncom)
- Bug #810: Gii now adds a number to the end of relation name if same named relation already exists instead of not generating relation (n30kill, samdark)
- Bug #837: Fixed method CDbCriteria::__wakeup(), allowing to keep custom names for params and update all string parts for automatic params (klimov-paul)
-- Bug #959: CConsoleApplication: bug where non-lowercase keys cannot be found in $commandMap fixed (resurtm)
+- Bug #959: Bug where non-lowercase keys cannot be found in CConsoleApplication::$commandMap fixed (resurtm)
- Bug #962: Fixed handling of negative timestamps in CDateFormatter::format() (johnmendonca)
- Bug #1095: Added missing retry_interval parameter of addServer function call in CMemCache (Lisio)
- Bug #1181: Fixed can read but not save binary data e.g. BYTEA on PostgreSQL (karmakaze)

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