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@@ -40,11 +40,14 @@ Upgrading from v1.1.11
- Changes in CCookieCollection::add() (introduced in 1.1.11) were reverted as they were triggering E_STRICT on some old PHP-versions
If your application relies on these newly added changes. You should change your code from
- $cookies->add(new CHttpCookie($name, $value));
+ $cookies->add(new CHttpCookie($name, $value));
$cookies[$name] = new CHttpCookie($name, $value);
+- CActiveRecord::resetScope() method signature changed. Updated your subclasses that override resetScope() if any.
Upgrading from v1.1.10
- API of public method CConsoleCommand::confirm() changed. If you are overriding this method make sure to update your code.

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