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@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ Version 1.1.14 work in progress
- Bug #2123: Fixed error in plural rules handling if locale has no plural rules defined (cebe, stepanselyuk)
- Bug #2146: CEmailValidator fix when fsockopen() can output uncatched error 'Connection refused (61)' (armab)
- Bug #2159: Fixed SQL syntax for delete command with join in MySQL (serebrov)
-- Bug #2201: Cannot use "having" in a CDbCriteria to count AR model values, results in SQL error (ivokund)
+- Bug #2201: Cannot use "having" with bound params in CActiveRecord::count() (ivokund)
- Bug #2216: CDbCommandBuilder::createInCondition() has been updated, allowing to pass array of values with mixed keys for the single type column (klimov-paul)
- Enh: Better CFileLogRoute performance (Qiang, samdark)
- Enh: Refactored CHttpRequest::getDelete and CHttpRequest::getPut not to use _restParams directly (samdark)

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