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@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Version 1.1.14 work in progress
- Bug #2146: CEmailValidator fix when fsockopen() can output uncatched error 'Connection refused (61)' (armab)
- Enh: Better CFileLogRoute performance (Qiang, samdark)
- Enh #1847: Added COutputCache::varyByLanguage to generate separate cache for different languages (Obramko)
+- Enh #1866: Client scripts in POS_HEAD are rendered after <title> tag is possible (horechek)
- Enh #1948: Tidy up and improve html5 input support in CHtml and CActiveForm (phpnode)
- Enh #1977: CFormatter::normalizeDateValue() now is protected instead of private to enable child classes to override it (etienneq)
- Enh #2038: CFormatter::formatNtext() method can replace newlines with `<p></p>` not just with `<br />` as it was before (resurtm)

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