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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
Yii Framework Change Log
-Version 1.1.1 to be released
+Version 1.1.1 March 14, 2010
- Bug #727: AR may lose precision for numbers of bigint type (Qiang)
- Bug #738: COciColumnSchema must return 'double' if precision and scale designators of NUMBER field are absent (Qiang)
@@ -20,11 +20,15 @@ Version 1.1.1 to be released
- Bug #988: COcSchema::quoteTableName() and quoteColumnName() should quote the names (Qiang)
- Bug #995: The 'alias' option set in default scope was ignored when some find methods in AR (Qiang)
- Bug #996: "yiic message" command generates incorrect message file name when used in a module context (Qiang)
+- Bug #14 (zii): Added documentation about the "js:" prefix in CJuiSortable (sebas)
+- Bug #18 (zii): Change the way CJuiDatePicker sets its language option (sebas)
+- Bug #27 (zii): Fixed the issue that when CSRF is turned on, delete button doesn't work for CGridView (Qiang)
- Bug: Setting the 'with' option in criteria array doesn't trigger eager loading for AR (Qiang)
- Bug: CActiveRecord should update oldPrimaryKey after calling save() (Qiang)
- Bug: CForm renders invalid 'name' and 'type' attributes when used to generate nested forms (Qiang)
- Bug: Fixed the bug that beforeAjaxUpdate/afterAjaxUpdate of CGridView/CListView do not take effect.
- Bug: Fixed the bug that the names of URL parameters were not encoded (Qiang)
+- Bug: CGridView and CListView may not register the needed CSS file for the pager (Qiang)
- Enh #38: Added support to allow CHtml links and buttons work in AJAX responses (Qiang)
- Enh #392: Added CStringValidator::encoding to support checking the length of multibyte strings (Qiang)
- Enh #686: Added CUrlManager::setBasePath() (Qiang)
@@ -52,14 +56,20 @@ Version 1.1.1 to be released
- Enh: Added skipOnError property to built-in validators (Qiang)
- Enh: Added CDbConnection::initSQLs (Qiang)
- Enh: Added CHtml::refresh() (Qiang)
+- Enh: Added CListView.loadingCssClass and CGridView.loadingCssClass (Qiang)
+- Enh: Added filtering support for CGridView (Qiang)
+- Enh: Added 'template' option to each attribute specification in CDetailView (Qiang)
- Chg #841: Changed CUrlManager::parsePathInfo() to non-static (Qiang)
- Chg #851: yiic tool no longer turns off E_NOTICE (Qiang)
- Chg #949: The init() method will be invoked after an AR instance is created by the find methods (Qiang)
- Chg #974: CComponent::evaluateExpression() no longer suppresses expression error (Qiang)
- Chg #978: CActiveRecord::afterSave() will now be invoked only when the saving is successful (Qiang)
- Chg: Upgraded jquery to version 1.4.2 (Qiang)
+- Chg: CMenu will render the 'active' CSS class in the container tag of the link (Qiang)
+- Chg: Set the default theme for JQuery UI widgets to be 'base' (Qiang)
- New: Added CActiveForm that performs model validations via AJAX (Qiang)
- New: Added 'form' command to the 'yiic shell' tool (Qiang)
+- New: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8rc3 (Qiang)
Version 1.1.0 January 10, 2010
@@ -33,11 +33,16 @@ you need to change your code accordingly.
- CController::forward() will exit the application by default now. If you want
to keep the old behavior, you may pass false as the second parameter.
-- The jQuery copy included in the framework has been upgraded to version 1.4.1.
+- The jQuery copy included in the framework has been upgraded to version 1.4.2.
This may cause some incompatibility problems to your existing jQuery code or plugins.
If you want to keep using version 1.3.2, you may do so by configuring
CClientScript::scriptMap property.
+- The default theme for JQuery UI widgets was changed from 'smoothness' to 'base'.
+If you are using 'smoothness', you will need to manually download this theme from and configure the 'theme' property of the JQuery UI widgets accordingly.
Upgrading from v1.1rc
- CRudColumn is renamed as CButtonColumn
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ class YiiBase
public static function getVersion()
- return '1.1.1-dev';
+ return '1.1.1';
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ class YiiBase
private static $_logger;
public static function getVersion()
- return '1.1.1-dev';
+ return '1.1.1';
public static function createWebApplication($config=null)

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