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Merge pull request #525, branch 'issue-124'

* issue-124:
  better fix for issues #124
  added @SInCE annotation
  added docblocks to CMysqlCommandBuilder+CHANGELOG
  added some unit tests mysql
  Add CMysqlCommandBuilder to handle joins on update
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cebe committed Aug 28, 2012
2 parents 7cc18cb + 266df50 commit ed49b77ca059c0895be17df5813ee1e83d4c916d
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
Version 1.1.13 work in progress
- Bug #124: Added CMysqlCommandBuilder to handle JOIN directive on update commands correctly (cebe, DaSourcerer)
- Enh #556: CDbColumnSchema::$comment property has been added. It stores comment for the table column, comment retrieving is working for MySQL, PgSQL and Oracle (resurtm)
- Enh: Fixed the check for ajaxUpdate false value in jquery.yiilistview.js as that never happens (mdomba)
- Enh: Requirements checker: added check for Oracle database (pdo_oci extension) and MSSQL (pdo_dblib, pdo_sqlsrv and pdo_mssql extensions) (resurtm)
@@ -707,6 +707,7 @@ public static function registerAutoloader($callback, $append=false)
'CMssqlSchema' => '/db/schema/mssql/CMssqlSchema.php',
'CMssqlTableSchema' => '/db/schema/mssql/CMssqlTableSchema.php',
'CMysqlColumnSchema' => '/db/schema/mysql/CMysqlColumnSchema.php',
'CMysqlCommandBuilder' => '/db/schema/mysql/CMysqlCommandBuilder.php',
'CMysqlSchema' => '/db/schema/mysql/CMysqlSchema.php',
'CMysqlTableSchema' => '/db/schema/mysql/CMysqlTableSchema.php',
'COciColumnSchema' => '/db/schema/oci/COciColumnSchema.php',
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
* CMysqlCommandBuilder class file.
* @author Carsten Brandt <>
* @link
* @copyright Copyright &copy; 2008-2011 Yii Software LLC
* @license
* CMysqlCommandBuilder provides basic methods to create query commands for tables.
* @author Carsten Brandt <>
* @package system.db.schema.mysql
* @since 1.1.13
class CMysqlCommandBuilder extends CDbCommandBuilder
* Alters the SQL to apply JOIN clause.
* This method handles the mysql specific syntax where JOIN has to come before SET in UPDATE statement
* @param string $sql the SQL statement to be altered
* @param string $join the JOIN clause (starting with join type, such as INNER JOIN)
* @return string the altered SQL statement
public function applyJoin($sql,$join)
return $sql;
if(strpos($sql,'UPDATE')===0 && ($pos=strpos($sql,'SET'))!==false)
return substr($sql,0,$pos).$join.' '.substr($sql,$pos);
return $sql.' '.$join;
@@ -256,6 +256,17 @@ protected function findTableNames($schema='')
return $names;
* Creates a command builder for the database.
* This method overrides parent implementation in order to create a MySQL specific command builder
* @return CDbCommandBuilder command builder instance
* @since 1.1.13
protected function createCommandBuilder()
return new CMysqlCommandBuilder($this);
* Builds a SQL statement for renaming a column.
* @param string $table the table whose column is to be renamed. The name will be properly quoted by the method.
@@ -179,16 +179,36 @@ public function testCommandBuilder()
$this->assertEquals('new post 5',$c->queryScalar());
$c=$builder->createSqlCommand('SELECT title FROM posts WHERE id=:id',array(':id'=>3));
$this->assertEquals('post 3',$c->queryScalar());
$c=$builder->createUpdateCounterCommand($table,array('author_id'=>-2),new CDbCriteria(array('condition'=>'id=5')));
$this->assertEquals('UPDATE `posts` SET `author_id`=`author_id`-2 WHERE id=5',$c->text);
$c=$builder->createUpdateCounterCommand($table,array('author_id'=>-1),new CDbCriteria(array('condition'=>'id=5')));
$this->assertEquals('UPDATE `posts` SET `author_id`=`author_id`-1 WHERE id=5',$c->text);
$c=$builder->createSqlCommand('SELECT author_id FROM posts WHERE id=5');
// test for updates with joins
$c=$builder->createUpdateCommand($table,array('title'=>'new post 1'),new CDbCriteria(array(
'join'=>'JOIN `users` u ON `author_id`=u.`id`',
$c=$builder->createFindCommand($table,new CDbCriteria(array(
$this->assertEquals('new post 1',$c->queryScalar());
$c=$builder->createUpdateCounterCommand($table,array('author_id'=>-1),new CDbCriteria(array(
'join'=>'JOIN `users` u ON `author_id`=u.`id`')));
$this->assertEquals('UPDATE `posts` JOIN `users` u ON `author_id`=u.`id` SET `author_id`=`author_id`-1 WHERE u.`username`="user2"',$c->text);
$c=$builder->createSqlCommand('SELECT author_id FROM posts WHERE id=2');
// test bind by position
$c=$builder->createFindCommand($table,new CDbCriteria(array(

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