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CHtml::ajax problem with new CJavaScriptExpression #1158

redguy666 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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view with code:

echo $form->dropDownList( $model, 'language', CSLangChooser::getLanguages(), array( 'ajax' => array(
        'url'=>$this->createUrl( 'dynamicSections' ),
        'success'=>new CJavaScriptExpression( 'function(html){jQuery("#Content_id_section").html(html).change();}' ),
) ) );

gives error "Method CJavaScriptExpression::__toString() must return a string value" because of double CJavaScriptExpression wrapping...
digging down the problem I have found that responsible is CHtml::ajax function which unnecessary wraps parameter with new CJavascriptExpression:

public static function ajax($options)
        foreach(array('beforeSend','complete','error','success') as $name)
            if(isset($options[$name]) && (!($options[$name] instanceof CJavaScriptExpression) || strpos($options[$name],'js:')!==0))
                $options[$name]=new CJavaScriptExpression($options[$name]);

when 'success' is already wrapped with CJavaScriptExpression, last condition (strpos($options[$name],'js:')!==0) returns TRUE, because strpos returns FALSE ('js:' not found) and FALSE !== 0!!!!

Possible solution: change !== comparison to !=


This should already be fixed with #1154


Closing this issue

@mdomba mdomba closed this
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