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Error while parsing MO files with no context #145

qiangxue opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hello, I'm detected a problem while parsing MO files to use Gettext on i18n.
Apparently the CGettextMoFile::load method ignores that can exist source messages with no context in a MO file.

I'm using Yii 1.1.7.

I attach a patch that solves the problem for me.

Kind regards!

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qiang.xue said, at 2012-01-01T03:36:54.000Z:

set for 1.1.10 milestone

@eagleoneraptor eagleoneraptor referenced this issue from a commit in eagleoneraptor/yii
@eagleoneraptor eagleoneraptor CGettextMoFile now takes in account the absence of context in strings.
Fix for the issue #145.
Now when pass an invalid context (eg. NULL or false) to CGettextMoFile::load
the method will get the strings without context.
@softark softark referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@cebe cebe referenced this issue from a commit in cebe/yii
@cebe cebe Merge branch 'master' of into 286-cdat…

* 'master' of
  doc fixes for proper PDF creation
  Sometimes CJSON::decode returns null because native json_encode has bugs and returns null. Workaround to continue decoding when result of json_decode is null. Fixes #295
  Changelog amending, renaming CLinkPager CSS properties
  Modified CHANGELOG for CGettextMoFile fix (issue #145).
  CGettextMoFile now takes in account the absence of context in strings.
  Returned CLinkPager::CSS_* constants, fixed documentation.
  CLinkPager::CSS_* constants replaced by public properties
  tried to improve naming
  docs, rename: function -> method
  improved docs and variable names of CDetailView
  added changelog for CDetailView changes
  added @ since annotation
  improved extendability of CDetailView


Fixed by #388

@qiangxue qiangxue closed this
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