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registerScriptFile with custom htmlOptions. #1761

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Hi. I'm trying to create a widget encapsulating the new Dropbox Chooser API, which need to be included with a tag like this one:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" id="dropboxjs" data-app-key="YOUR_APP_KEY"></script>

As you can see, there's a non standard attribute data-app-key in it. So, this Javascript library can not be inserted using registerScriptFile, since the render generates a fixed script tag. Of course I can just drop a CHtml::tag('script' blahblah) but this can not be included at the head section of the page and there's no way to control if you already included a library in case the widget is used elsewhere in the page (of course I could use a singleton or something else, but it would be cumbersome).

So, something like this would be useful:

public CClientScript registerScriptFile(string $url, integer $position=NULL, $htmlOptions=NULL)

Please take it in consideration.

Discussion here:


Two classes with modifications needed for this feature have been posted in the forum's thread. They might be a start.


Duplicate of: #1724
Already fixed in: #2172

@resurtm resurtm closed this
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