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In documentation at this link
Please add empty line for easier reading.


  'allow',  // or 'deny'

  // optional, list of action IDs (case insensitive) that this rule applies to
  // if not specified, rule applies to all actions
  'actions'=>array('edit', 'delete'),

  // optional, list of controller IDs (case insensitive) that this rule applies to
  'controllers'=>array('post', 'admin/user'),

  // optional, list of usernames (case insensitive) that this rule applies to
  // Use * to represent all users, ? guest users, and @ authenticated users
  'users'=>array('thomas', 'kevin'),

  // optional, list of roles (case sensitive!) that this rule applies to.
  'roles'=>array('admin', 'editor'),

  // since version 1.1.11 you can pass parameters for RBAC bizRules

  // optional, list of IP address/patterns that this rule applies to
  // e.g., 127.0.0.*

  // optional, list of request types (case insensitive) that this rule applies to
  'verbs'=>array('GET', 'POST'),

  // optional, a PHP expression whose value indicates whether this rule applies
  'expression'=>'!$user->isGuest && $user->level==2',

  // optional, the customized error message to be displayed
  // This option is available since version 1.1.1.
  'message'=>'Access Denied.',

  // optional, the denied method callback name, that will be called once the
 // access is denied, instead of showing the customized error message. It can also be
  // a valid PHP callback, including class method name (array(ClassName/Object, MethodName)),
 // or anonymous function (PHP 5.3.0+). The function/method signature should be as follows:
 // function foo($user, $rule) { ... }
 // where $user is the current application user object and $rule is this access rule.
  // This option is available since version 1.1.11.

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Fix #1839: Add more whitespace to phpdoc for CAccessControlFilter.
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