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It was awesome to have the new features/enhancements explained by example in the docs right here:

While 1.1.12 was a bug-fix release, 1.1.13 contains quite some enhancements, like the new CChainedLogFilter and log route categories. It would be awesome to have them in the docs so that the users know how to use them, without trying to figure their purpose and API out from the code.

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acorncom commented Feb 27, 2013

Suggested features that we might want to document (based on priority). I'd be happy to help with some of these too, but thought we should discuss them here.

Definitely should document

  • Enh #1183: CDbCommand: added andWhere()/orWhere() which appends condition to the WHERE part of the query, in contrary of CDbCommand::where() which replaces it (resurtm)
  • Enh #545: Add CDataProviderIterator to allow iteration over large data sets (phpnode)

Probably should document

  • Enh #1500: CSqlDataProvider now supports CDbCommand in constructor (slavcodev)
  • Enh #1481: Added CChainedLogFilter class to allow adding multiple filters to a logroute (cebe)
  • Enh #1408: Allow CDataProvider to use custom pagination and sorter (creocoder)

Possibly document?

  • Enh #990: Added CArrayDataProvider::$caseSensitiveSort property which allows to control whether sorting should be case sensitive (resurtm)
  • Enh #1146: CFileHelper::copyDirectory recursive directory creation (senz)
  • Enh #1201: CMenu now supports HTML attributes for the links' wrap element specified in $linkLabelWrapper (resurtm)
  • Enh #1581: Added 'unselectValue' to CHtml::dropDownList() and CHtml::activeDropDownList() to define default post value if no option is selected in multiple mode (creocoder, mdomba)

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