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Compile Guide and Blog to CHM Compilable html #1950

mtangoo opened this Issue · 13 comments

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The API gets generated as nice HTML pages with .hhp, .hhc, .hhk files which can be compiled to CHM. No such feature exists for Guide/Blog. I request that it gets added


No comment? Anyone from Yii Dev Team?


@mtangoo We will add it when we find the time for it. If you have time and know how to do it, you can add it yourself by sending a pull request.


I have not plenty time but at least some time. The problem is I don't know how to do it (though one can help me understand). I have opened thread for such help, see link below.


The issue with the linked problem is solved. The API generates necessary files to compile to chm only that it does not compile it. So for anyone in need for CHM for API he will just need to instal HTML Workshop and do the compiling.

In my case however, there is even no HTML files to compile CHM from and this is my main issue. Is it so hard to make HTML available (I believe it is not since we have html version of an online Guide/Blog)?

If my guess is right, how do I generate it?


@mtangoo check scripts in build dir.


@samdark, can you be specific which one?
I have tried to dig and I can say that I could not find anything I could utilize for Guide and blog.
API builds fine as well as PDFs.

I hope I'm missing something!


Ah, nope, it's about APIs. For the blog and the guide I did my own scripts once Not sure if it's still functional.


@samdark Thanks for a script. I will check if not functional I will update.
Just curious why was it not included with docs and hence maintained?


BTW, should I run just as any PHP file or I need to add somewhere in build script?
Can you enlighten me?


@mtangoo As it extends CConsoleCommand I would suggest you to try yiic ;D


Mh! I have not tried yiic except when using to make webapp
should I run something like below? @suralc
yiic ChmCommand.php


Haven't looked at the project, just assumed it from the file. However clone the project locally and it's submodules.

Copy over the guide folder of the yii repository into the app folder(cd app) and run chm <type> <lang> or console chm <type> <lang>(create runtime folder first).

However, chm creation failed for me (invalid charset, also failing for ru). (PHP 5.4) and I have no intention looking into it, yet.

D:\chm\core\app>console chm guide de
mkdir ./files
Processing: D:\chm\core\app\guide\de
mkdir D:/chm/core/app/runtime/chmguide
Creating CHM-project.
Adding a window to the project.
Coping assets to tmpdir.
Reading toc.txt
Parsing toc.txt items
PHP Error[8]: iconv(): Wrong charset, conversion from 'UTF-8' to 'CP866//TRANSLI
T//IGNORE' is not allowed
in file D:\chm\core\app\commands\ChmCommand.php at line 153
#0 D:\chm\core\app\commands\ChmCommand.php(153): iconv()
#1 D:\chm\core\yii\framework\console\CConsoleCommandRunner.php(63): ChmCommand->
#2 D:\chm\core\yii\framework\console\CConsoleApplication.php(88): CConsoleComman
#3 D:\chm\core\yii\framework\base\CApplication.php(158): CConsoleApplication->pr
#4 D:\chm\core\app\console.php(11): CConsoleApplication->run()

@mtangoo However there is a compiled chm of 1.1.13(works after unblocking):

#1935 (comment)


@suralc Thanks for detailed explanation. I will clone it and what you said and try to fix things. I need just english version for now.

The problem is I need the html plus hhk, hhc, hht files not CHM.

Thanks alot!

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