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CMysqlSchema::findColumns improve error reporting #1952

denisarius opened this Issue · 2 comments

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if the method fails, higher layers will get an error like
'CDbException: The table "XXX" for active record class "YYY" cannot be found in the database' whatever exception was risen during the execution of


(see GitHub)
because any exception is catched and the method just returns false;
It can be a really uninformative especially if one uses his own CDbConnection or CDbCommand derivatives.


What exception can occur other than "table does not exist"?

@cebe cebe was assigned

In brief: CDbConnection misconfiguration (one can use single connection instance and switch between several hosts\DBs), connection error (timeout, max connection limit exceeded, etc.), sql query timeout (due to irresponsive server), in general any query error that we are dealing with when communicating with DBMS.

@samdark samdark closed this
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