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CFormatter::normalizeDateValue() as protected method #1977

etienneq opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'd like to overwrite normalizeDateValue() in my derived Formatter class to format invalid date/time expressions as empty string instead of 1970-01-01...

To do so normalizeDateValue() should be defined as protected, not private.

I will provide a pull request.


You can not return a string in normalizeDateValue() this will cause the date() function in format methods to fail.
You have to overwrite format methods instead.
Still making it protected might be a good change, let me think about it a short while.

@cebe cebe was assigned

Of course you're right. I realized that only after posting. Still what I've ended up doing is letting normalizeDateValue() return null for invalid date/time expressions and react to that in format methods. My idea is that any modification of a date/time expression should occur in normalizeDateValue() and not in any of the format methods.

@cebe cebe closed this
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