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CRUD Command broken #2112

mbischof opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Marko Bischof Alexander Makarov Carsten Brandt
Marko Bischof

CRUD Command (not Gii) doesnt generate all files
to reproduce this:

create a personTable in the BlogDemo (sqlite)
tbl_person (id, firstname, lastname)

$yiic shell

model Person
crud Person
generate PersonController.php
generate PersonTest.php
mkdir /var/www/yiisoft/yii/demos/blog/protected/views/person
generate create.php
generate update.php
generate index.php
generate view.php

Alexander Makarov

Since it's was deprecated in favor of Gii, we're not going to update it unless there will be a pull request.

Carsten Brandt cebe closed this in 1f43ba3
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