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Extend CFormatter: formatCurrency, formatPercentage, formatDecimal #254

qiangxue opened this Issue Feb 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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1.1.8 (Ubuntu Hardy)

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Currently when using the CGridView widget, columns can be formatted using CFormatter instances. While this class provides a fair amount of predefined functions, it would be quite convenient if it'd also support the functions of the CNumberFormatter class. Unfortunately these classes are currently incompatible: the CNumberFormatter suggests it may be extended from CFormatter but there is no common base class.

Eventually it will probably be a good idea to create a common base class for the two (is there a good reason why there is none?), but a quick solution is to just extend CFormatter with a number of functions which call the appropriate CNumberFormatter functions. I've created and attached a patch (against the current SVN, r3430) which does exactly this.

Please let me know what you think about this.

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qiang.xue said, at 2012-01-01T03:37:10.000Z:

set for 1.1.10 milestone

qiang.xue said, at 2012-01-01T03:37:36.000Z:

set for 1.1.10 milestone

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cebe commented Mar 12, 2012

@cebe will try to work on this.

jeicd commented Mar 13, 2012

I suggest to add format size methods, something like this:

    public $sizeFormat=array('base'=>1024, 'decimals'=>2);

     * Formats the value as a size in human readable form.
     * @params integer value to be formatted
     * @return string the formatted result
    public function formatSize($value)
        $units=array('B', 'KB', 'MB', 'GB', 'TB');
        for($i=0; $base<=$value; $i++)
            $value=$value / $base;
        return round($value, $this->sizeFormat['decimals']).$units[$i];
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cebe commented Mar 13, 2012

@jeicd we have this suggestions already in #192 and problems with it are discussed there.

@samdark samdark closed this Nov 17, 2015
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